Saturday, December 24, 2011

Fat Cat!

Have you ever felt like this? So incredibly stuffed, all you are able to do is plop down on the couch? Well, I truly know the feeling after the Christmas Eve Dinner my sister made this evening! Can I just say Gouda Cheese, potatoes, cream, and more cream? If I did work out, I would definitely sweat heavy whipping cream, but since I have not seen the gym in months, I am not too worried! As I reflect on the holidays, it's the little traditions I am most thankful for. Round one: Dinner with CeCe, Bob, and Shirley. Always a lovely feast of ham, potatoes, and fresh rolls. Round two: Christmas Eve at the Falkners which is filled with football games, snackies, and presents. Round three: Opening presents with the kids Christmas morning and eating Monkey Bread! Round four: We finish the day at Mom and Dad's house where we open more presents, watch more football, and eat another fabulous dinner. Have you noticed a common theme...FOOD! I hope your holidays are filled with as much love, joy, and happiness, as I experience every year! I love you all...Merry Christmas!

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