Sunday, November 17, 2013

There she is, Roxy-girl, our beloved dog....

Yesterday, our family experienced suffering and joy in the same moments, as we had to put our sweet Roxy to sleep.  We suffered greatly and cried many tears as we said goodbye, yet laughed, as we thought back on the wonderful memories she had given us. 

I love this picture of Roxy because her eyes are the river to her soul, and her soul was as pure as the clearest stream in nature.  Her love was a constant flow in our lives, no matter how late we came home!  She listened deeply to each family member and gave each of us what we needed at that moment, just as the streams give the lakes the water they need.  Her gentle pawing would remind us to be more present in the moment.  Roxy loved anybody who walked through our door and loved them equally.  There was a kind and gentle way about her soul, like the stream gently moving the leaves fallen from the trees in late October.

I will miss our walks in the late summer hours.  The kids will miss her on the dock, and having her beside us as we cross country ski on the frozen lake.  Todd will miss her on their adventures in the woods. Our family will miss having her laying on her bed during dinner, and her walking to the bread drawer whenever she heard the noise...which was always followed by a disapproving look from Todd!

Even though our family suffered a loss, at least we were given the gift of Roxy's unconditional love, and the joy of her love.  It is possible to experience joy and suffering in the same moment, as long as your heart is open enough to experience both.