Monday, January 9, 2012

Snowy Days ?

SNOW? Are you kidding me? Shelley Emslie is thankful for snow? Why yes I am! Yesterday I took the kids up to Big Mountain for their first day of the 2012 season. (Thanks Grammy for the lockers...sure does make life easier!) We were shocked to find dirt and rocks popping up from the ground on some of the runs, and
not all of the lifts are open. The kids still had a great time, but I cannot help to think of the poor college kids who depend on that job for the winter! Looking back on some of our stellar, snow fall years, I guess I just took it for granted and complained while I had to shovel the driveway! In short, I am thankful for the snow in the past years...yes, I really did just type that! Furthermore, sit down for this one...I hope it snows a little more so people can go back to work. Gratitude is a crazy thing! Hope you have a wonderful day and maybe you could find something out of the ordinary to be thankful for today?!

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