Friday, January 6, 2012

Hopefully you will laugh when you see this picture because laughter is the topic of the day! Actually, laughter was the main event last night for Augie, Hattie, and I. The situation, probably too traumatic for the person to have me post it on the blog, but the outcome...a tearful-laughter fest that lasted well into this morning! Here is the miracle part...I have always read that in order to receive things in your life, you need to give as well. Yesterday when I started my class, the kids were not all there, so I did something extremely unconventional. I showed YouTube videos of funny animals doing silly things. (This tied into my curriculum because we are reading about Amazing Animal Adventures!) The class and I laughed and laughed until we had side aches. The rest of the day was fabulous. Kids were happier, I was happier, and then later that night, I received the gift of laughter with my children! I love how the universe works. May you have an event today that makes you laugh until tears flow from your eyes. Your soul will sing with happiness, and you will feel lighter. My love to you!

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